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    However, this time when Xu Ruiyang arrived on the first floor of the city government building, the captain of Chen Gongbo's bodyguard team was in charge, and he was invited directly into the office.

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    This is also called connecting with the military, and the Japanese Empire strongly supported this connection! It is estimated that boss Dai in Shancheng intends to kill Xu Ruiyang!

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    "Keep outside, no one is allowed in the house!" Hua Due Duong said.

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    This is not surprising, it is no secret that Hai Xuong Trading Company actually supplied cotton fabrics and yarns to the textile factories of the Kong family and the Song family, and also provided materials as important as hardware tools and rubber tires to their trading companies. Everyone in a relationship knows this.

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    Previously, high-ranking British and American patrol officers became cowardly at every step of the Japanese. Of course, the Chinese arrested in the patrol room would no longer be effective against the British concession government. and America. Chinese capture tools were used by the Japanese.

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    "Please don't worry about this small matter, the people of the rented villa will be paid monthly as usual, and I will urge them to come regularly to clean, the gardener will mow the lawn. I guarantee that you can stay in Shanghai at any time. Buy two cars and put them in the villa, so you can travel conveniently." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    Lin Zhijiang is the captain of the action team of the Secret Service Headquarters, he has six action teams under him, he is also the captain of the first action team, and Zhang Jinlu is also the captain of the action team Thursday .

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    "Third, Xu Ruiyang is one of the biggest smugglers in central China who controls unchecked smuggling channels. The amount of expansion of the Military Control Bureau is staggering and the amount of money The need is constantly increasing. Only smuggling can support its operations."

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    "I'm talking about her, a beautiful girl, willing to cook duck blood vermicelli for her boss herself. When you taste it, you'll see that she put in a lot of effort. What do you think?" Tang Shenglin angrily kicked Mo Hai, and Chang kicked.

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    The assault team attacked the 17th Independent and Combined Brigade, an artillery brigade stationed in the Huxi area, bombarding and throwing grenades, killing or wounding more than 20 Japanese soldiers.

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    The Beijing-Shanghai Special Station's extensive report has been published. Sirius will establish a special branch in Hunan and Hubei with Hankou as the center, a special branch in Zhejiang and Jiangxi with Hangzhou as the center, and a special branch in Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui with Jieshou as the center. Shanghai, Suxichang, Zhenjiang and other areas are under the direct control of station headquarters and will be supplemented with additional manpower, radio stations, weapons, equipment and funds. Mao Renfeng said with a smile.

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    "But you also know that the Beijing-Shanghai Special Zone is in charge of China's intelligence work. Now the organization is constantly expanding. The manpower itself is not enough, I can only continue to train new people." , I can't." Don't help this problem. Please tell me about this mission.! ”Shen Boyang shook his head and said.

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    My report sent to the Ministry of the Army and the General Staff was written based on Mr. Tu's analysis, perhaps everyone agrees. As for how to make up for this shortcoming in the future, superiors will naturally consider it. The next thing to do is wait. Nam Zao Yunzi, from now on, your work assignment in Mei will be revoked, and you can go out tomorrow by handing over the relevant documents in hand. Yingzuo Zhenzhao said.

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    "The United States government announced that it will stop oil supplies to the Empire of Japan from August 1 and freeze Japanese assets in the United States as an economic sanction for the imperial military's penetrated into the southern part of French Indochina. The British and Dutch governments also took similar measures."

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    "She's not living well with Fu Shenglan, she should wake up! I'll explain this to the station chief alone." Shen Boyang thought for a moment and then spoke.

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    Although Wu Sibao was not destroyed by the Military Control Bureau, the existence of this traitor and running dog made Boss Dai always feel like he had a chip on his back, and he felt uncomfortable all over, because The citizens of the Shanghai stock market were looking for this bastard to die soon, but the Military Control Bureau failed... to satisfy the people's wishes.

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    “This time I came back because I was hired by Fudan University to be a professor in the accounting department of the business school and also the dean of the business school. At the same time, I also received direction from the dean. headquarters to the Shanghai stock market to replace the deceased comrade Yang Xuedong. Your superiors and leaders, continue the operations of this intelligence line! Comrade Hongyan, Comrade Lark, my code name is Xuesong. "Song Haifeng said in a deep voice.

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    Miss Kawashima, these precious antiques must belong to the royal collection, right? If sold outside, they would be very valuable, and they would be of great help to her. There are many high-ranking Japanese generals who know about the goods, or you Selling it for living expenses is definitely more than enough to cover a luxurious life for a year and a half.

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    "The sheriff is different. His actions are more flexible. With the support of the dean and Kawamoto-kun, there is practically no difference between the sheriff and the sheriff. I don't always Likes sublime things."

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    Furthermore, in Dam Chau citadel there were also Japanese spies lurking, reporting the situation at any time. No wonder War Zone 9 was led by the enemy, overwhelmed, beaten everywhere, and passive.

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    Boss Dai likes American loans, weapons, equipment and aid, but not the United States, after all, the United States did nothing during Japan's war of aggression with China, it has indiscriminately sold scrap steel and oil to Japan, equivalent to a blood transfusion to Japan.

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    Boss Dai felt very frustrated. In the office, he was extremely angry with the directors of the Military Intelligence Department and the Party and Government Intelligence Department, who was a violent person but suffered from the incompetence of the on-duty department. Then he slapped the face below the headquarters, he couldn't help it, his anger was filled with reprimand.

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    He considered it from the perspective of his own safety, and if he placed many spies by his side, the possibility of secrets being exposed would increase exponentially, and no one could guarantee that he would never hour of negligence. There's nothing wrong with being careful, I'd rather not have traitors to this combat experience than have my mission threatened.

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    This was just a looting of a place in the Changlu salt flats, which shows how incredible the greed of the Japanese army was.

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    And Zhongzuo Fujioka, the captain of the Jinling gendarmerie, is an advisor to the Secret Service. Chang Yuqing wanted to find the Japanese gendarmerie to solve this matter, but he actually went to the wrong place!

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    "Okay, leave three people and the military police to guard, bring the surrendered man here, he cannot turn back, Mr. Cao Bo Ping, I hope you think carefully, we will talk tomorrow, I have plenty of time. talk to you." You communicate slowly!" Nakajima Chengzi said with a smile.

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    "Just like this time the Japanese army was secretly gathered to break through the Xinqianghe defense line. I didn't ask him to risk generating electricity, but he still did it. I always feel comfortable with his maturity." Although contact is a scary thing, it is much more difficult than the potential, I need him to persevere until the day the resistance is completely won." The big boss shook his head and said.