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    Tiet Man sighed: “It seems like you have no hope of learning how to use GPS to find your way.” He took out a wad of money and gave it to her, "Here, just in case."

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    “Three hundred sets of Qianwei-1 personal shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missile launchers and six thousand missiles!” Xue Jianqiang, who had been brutally slaughtered before knowing it, continued to give orders without losing his demeanor. He originally wanted to buy anti-aircraft guns, but he thought that the effectiveness of anti-aircraft guns was too low, it took thousands of shells to shoot down an enemy plane, and it was difficult to find many artillerymen who could use anti-aircraft guns. . -airplane guns in a hurry. Therefore, it is better to shoot anti-aircraft missiles on the shoulders of each soldier to avoid trouble, and it will take at most a month of training to use them. The Avantgarde-1 was certainly not good for fighting modern jet fighters, but it was easy and fun to fight propeller aircraft, propeller aircraft of that time did not have any equipment no radar warnings and pilots were not trained to avoid missile attacks. See the opportunity comes With one shot, the enemy plane's pilot can basically say "Shuoyou Nala" to this colorful world, which is much less trouble than taking out hundreds of anti-aircraft guns to go back.

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    Xue Jianqiang is straightforward and rude: "Americans invented this more than ten years ago, and turned it into socks, which sold well all over the country. Even now, American girls are still proud of their own a pair of socks. don't even use a pen to draw a grid on their own pen to make socks."

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    Xue Jianqiang disappeared many times with a large amount of weapons and equipment. Even though the equipment had been paid for and approved by his superiors, there were no problems, but this guy's actions still caused serious consequences. The national security agency repeatedly monitored, even the military was alarmed, mobilizing unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the delivery location, but did not expect how many weapons and equipment were transported. . This kind of supernatural event naturally makes people confused. Of course, his superiors want to investigate, and this investigation falls on him. Every three days he went to the National Security Bureau to drink tea, how he and Xue Jianqiang met, how they served together, how Xue Jianqiang found him to do weapons business with him ... All the details are picked out in detail,

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    The fiery atmosphere in the cave suddenly cooled. Well, how many people does it take to develop both an oil mine and a coal mine? Especially in coal mines, coal mining, transportation, coal washing and coal burning... The manpower needed for the entire industrial chain is extremely large! Coal is a good thing, everyone knows this, but can the fragmented agriculture in the border areas support the many industrial workers who are out of work? A few years ago there was no industry, but the soldiers who stayed in Dien An and the progressive youth who escaped from everywhere almost collapsed the border area, forcing the 386th and 358th regiments to put down their guns, pick up their picks, and start again. From the dominant field army has become the reclamation corps. Now the booth is so big, the manpower needed is definitely several times higher than the original, I'm afraid this matter cannot be solved by oneself. No matter how many Nanniwans there are, they will not be able to support that many people. !

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    Each 500,000, I bet ten, that's it! Where is your account number? I will transfer you 500,000 in advance as a deposit! The local uncle looks simple, but his actions are completely bold and unrestrained. To put it bluntly, just throw money directly, the other person will be stunned. Sure enough, he succeeded. As soon as he struck, he shattered the arrogant and arrogant men of heaven to the point of dizziness. Until Xue Jianqiang left, these college students were still looking at the transfer information in shock. It was not that they had never seen so much money, but that they had never seen any idiot willing to spend millions. dollars to buy such antiques!

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    Sophie said: "We can't just stand by and watch, we have to find a way to help them, otherwise they will die!"

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    Minister Chen silently cursed in his heart. It's all because that bastard Xue Jianqiang said he wanted to enrich the resources in the base area and bought whatever he could get, not by piece but by car, and ended up accidentally buying a box long socks... Seeing this, the revolutionary veterans playing the game were dumbfounded. What is the basis of this usefulness? Sell it? It is estimated that it does not have much of a market, this is a luxury product, who can buy it except the wives of officials and ladies? Xue Jianqiang didn't care about this: "Sell as much as you can. If you can't sell it, burn it. Anyway, it's not worth much..." These people are quite knowledgeable and can recognize silk. socks at a glance, but how can he explain them to them? Is it possible to tell them that it fell from the sky?

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    Director Liu boldly said: "It's okay, I'll give you the blueprints and half the price of the equipment. You bought so many things, we should show some respect!"

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    Tiet Man smiled and said: "Sooner or later, you call first, right?" He took out his cell phone, swiped the screen, typed a few times, connected, then pressed the hands-free button. button, Xue Jianqiang's voice immediately disappeared, coming from inside, making Sophie's eyes widen, thinking that Xue Min was playing a magic trick!

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    Xue Jianqiang felt chills all over his body: "What do you mean you've been waiting for me for so long? Tell me clearly, huh!"

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    Sophie squatted on the ground holding her stomach, tears streaming down her face. At this moment, a patrol car drove up... Well, actually in the past few hours this car had circled in front of her several times, she just wasn't paying attention. The car stopped in front of her, and a handsome young police assistant stuck his head out and called out to her: "Beauty, why are you squatting here crying? Is something wrong?"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Nothing, I just tried my best, I really couldn't help you. I'm really embarrassed!"

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    Try grinding corn, millet, elm bark, and dried sweet potatoes into powder, add a little flour, and finally bake it into cakes, see if it's delicious? The saddest thing is that in this era there is no chemical fertilizer, the starch of corn, millet, and wheat is clearly not enough, and the fiber is too much, it's okay if this sip is a little bitter! But he just patted his chest and said that he liked big pancakes, he was a man, spitting was spitting, so no matter how uncomfortable he was, he could only nod, in front of lesbians he wouldn't. You can regret it, right?

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    After driving more than 20 km, traffic police stopped him. The traffic police officer looked unsympathetic, looked at him viciously, asked him to get out of the car after checking the documents, and at the same time searched the entire car from top to bottom, he was very serious and strict, Even the armed anti-drug police on the Yunnan border would feel embarrassed when they saw it. . After investigating and finding nothing, the traffic policeman said with a bluffing expression: "Boy, don't be so stupid, okay? Otherwise, you will always stumble!"

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    Tiet Man pushed her hand away and quickly interrupted: "So is my brother redundant?"

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    As soon as this comment was made, the entire wholesale market immediately mourned. The wages here are high, they all hope to be able to work as ordinary workers here, three hundred a day doesn't even dare to think, two hundred is okay too! They are satisfied with two hundred yuan a day! But boss Xue seems to have no plans to recruit workers regularly, so they can only watch.

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    Who told you to use it to hit a tank, push it over and aim at the other vehicle to open fire!

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    This was another upstream counterattack, bombed by more than a dozen guns and fighter planes, which really boosted the morale of the fighting troops, but when the Japanese troops rushed forward in groups of tanks, they suddenly collapsed. fall. By the time the 27th Provisional Division reacted, all troops on both wings had withdrawn, even the division commander fled... The whole division fought tenaciously all day against tanks and heavy artillery. of the Japanese army. , more than half of them were killed or injured. The people were massacred after surrendering, and more than a thousand scattered to get across. Truong Long Giang, the regiment commander, was shot and killed during the breakthrough. The combat history of the 27th Division is compiled in a rough manner, and it ended in the first battle in which the division participated.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "One regiment, let one regiment advance ten kilometers forward, and deploy it within the effective range of Japanese naval guns to attract the Japanese army to attack. The remaining two regiments ready at any time. Heavy artillery The regiment reinforced several 130mm cannons to hold long-range artillery, shelling the port forcing the Japanese to proactively attack. If they don't proactively attack, they will just wait to be bombed!"

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    Xue Jianqiang turned a deaf ear to this guy's complaints, and he didn't want to use a tricycle to compensate, but... there was really no way, the Eighth Army and the New Fourth Army were not only Lack of vehicles, but also lack of people who know how to drive cars! The Eighth Route Army and the New Four Army both have cars, and there are also some people who know how to drive cars, but they are still far from meeting the requirements for mechanized combat, let alone mechanized! Moreover, driving a car is not so easy to train, although on the battlefield there will be no traffic lights, zebras, traffic police, etc., but getting a driver's license will be easier. Even if the army of sharp knives rushing to kill people in front is only a few hundred thousand people, and behind it are hundreds of thousands of people who are all used to support and replace, it is not an easy task, how many new vehicles are needed? run transported to meet the needs of the military? How many people does it take to drive that many vehicles and get supplies to the front lines on time? It is certainly not enough to train that many car soldiers in a year, and we can only use three-wheeled vehicles to make up the numbers. One of the big advantages of a tricycle is its ease of use, what do you say? Whoever can ride a bicycle can ride a motorbike, whoever can ride a motorbike can ride a tricycle! In fact, tricycles are easier to learn than motorbikes, after a few hours of teaching you can run on the road, motorbikes take a few days to learn! Therefore, Xue Jianqiang chose to order a large number of three-wheeled vehicles based on the attitude of saving money and being realistic, whether there was land left or not, that was absolutely not an issue for him to consider. Are slate tiles earthen? A guy can still shoot someone dead with a swing of his sword! Slain enemies won't jump out of their graves and laugh at your outdated equipment.

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    Yes, no vodka. Vodka was as important to the Soviet people as blood. This fiery and fiery liquid that could ignite with just a small spark gave the Soviet people courage and passion like fire. Without vodka, these polar bears don't know how to live! The consequences of not drinking vodka for a long time were evident, these boys were listless, irritable, impulsive and irritable, even the members of the group did not dare to provoke them for fear of being beaten. It's not that they can't beat these experts, it's just that they are all technical masters, treasures of the Soviet Union, how can they dare to fight back? So get out of the way.

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    Xue Jianqiang felt dizzy for a while, “Mom, this is too complicated!” But again, the procedure for trading bulk precious metals is always very strict, and signing and signing is a trivial matter.