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    It is impossible to describe the amazing scene when nearly a hundred thunder talismans simultaneously flew into the air, dispelling the lightning.

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    Not only ordinary people felt doubts and asked in turn, even the disciples of the Shoushan Sect around Fazhou felt that they knew nothing.

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    At this time, everyone also remembered the rumors, it was said that Phuong Tri Tien Su and Than Nu Queen had a life-or-death hatred, especially, a while ago, the General of Phoenix City had appeared in Luu Ho City. , the news of the other person's second son was unfavorably spread out, and this news was even more confirmed, now the Goddess King personally appeared in Thanh Giang district, could it be because. . .

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    The female disciples praised: Elder Phuong is so beautiful...

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    He knew that when his big brother was buried, Trieu Qua actually had someone come to express his condolences. Moreover, he also knew that the person who came to offer condolences on behalf of Tien Palace at that time was definitely not just a servant. Tieu's ability Khinh Luu. He couldn't ask these people, but he could guess a bit. He thought that the other person was just dissatisfied with the other person's family, but he didn't expect that the other person would actually do such a thing.

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    At this moment, countless pairs of eyes around him saw him, their hearts beating along with his footsteps.

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    I'm afraid we can't choose the leader of Liuhu City today, let's choose another time...

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    "Just now Kieu Tai said, inside the demon dew there is a stream of spiritual energy coming out of the shell. This... I'm afraid it will be taken away..."

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    Fang Cun smiled and looked at Ms. Hongtao, “I just need them to be afraid of me!”

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    "Why doesn't the elder come out?"

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    Shoushanzong now seems to be a person who spent money to sell places. As long as he steps into Shoushanzong, he can be considered a district disciple. Of course, because of this, the person who bought Shoushan Sect is really does not think highly of Shoushan Sect, perhaps he feels that the elders and sect leaders of Shoushan Sect all rely on their money, he has grown up, so whether it is on his face or in his heart, he don't respect him. much!

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    Miss Hong sat on top, wearing embroidered shoes, but her bare feet stepped on the table, revealing her snow-white ankles, with a half-smile on her face: "If you really leave, how can it be possible?" ?” Seeing that this mountain has no tigers or monkeys as kings?

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    The two of them stood side by side in front of the guard's palace, watching the carriage slowly approach.

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    Xiaoyou and Minzhen officially met here for the first time.

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    Maybe, if I have time, I can go back to Liuhu and ask the boss...

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    "I've been explaining to you for a long time. You think I'm singing?"

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    She said as she followed behind her, but the speed was obviously much slower than the strange body flying past her. A cold light immediately appeared in his eyes, and between muffled growls, he strode forward. With each step, a wave several feet high wavered, and the billowing demonic energy actually formed an evil spirit, even stronger when Lao Chao was resurrected, and ruthlessly attacked the ship. ...

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    The iron tail struck horizontally, under Le Shuizong's thunder cloud, most of the disciples materialized and spewed blood.

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    He Zhenzhang wanted to refuse, but when he heard Liuyuelou hesitated again, he said: "I can go with you!"

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    Not daring to secretly hide medicinal pills, if discovered, they would kill the whole family. These small bosses also knew how to behave, immediately took away all the money, and even rewarded their servants with a set of tattered clothes. However, he packaged the medicine and sent it to Heishui village.

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