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    Lanning Xiaoxi was afraid that Wang Han would not believe her, so she immediately said: “He used to be a very enthusiastic person, and he would never force me to do anything, but the last time Same, five years ago, I met. You, at that time he directly threatened me with your life. You must know that this is a very terrible act. If I don't allow him to go to Phac Can Liet University and become a successful person in his ideals, then he will kill you directly! I don't know how you remember this incident, but now when I think about this incident, I still feel sorry for you. Things shouldn't have turned out like this. When did you not kill become kindness? "Aren't you a murderer? Why did he laugh like that, directly threatening me with your life? This is completely inconsistent with his image in my memory... So after After this matter ends, I don't dare talk to him." , unless I'm willing to tell him something I can't help, as long as it has something to do with you, is your secret, I definitely won't tell him, what's his reason? become like that. "

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    Okay! Truong Dang wrote it down! Tieu Truong Dang immediately began to study this dagger, but of course he could not comprehend it, nor did he know from the material source that this dagger was made, he simply felt that it was indestructible, completely It is impossible to penetrate one's own thoughts inside this dagger! And now she was trying to control the dagger, the dagger was generally very stupid, she could only control it for three seconds, and the dagger was only hovering in front of her for three seconds, her spirit was almost gone. Exhausted, there was a feeling of fatigue and difficulty breathing in my heart. I couldn't help but exclaim: "What a powerful dagger!"

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    Vuong Han smiled and said to Lanning Situ. Lanning Situ did not realize that time had stopped for a long time at this moment. After understanding Vuong Han's meaning, he understood: "Okay! If that's the case, I will There's nothing to give you here. But if you have a chance later, you can come back and see, anyway, am I embarrassed to call you a child now, the two of us are good friends, right? right?"

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    But all of this was seen by Lanning Xiaoxi. Her expression was dull. After adjusting her thoughts, she weakly looked at Vuong Han, "You intend to send Senior Tieu Luc to directly withdraw from prison." form 尨 into the form of a human?"

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    Three years ago, there were 10,000 computing power... Lan Ning Xiaoxi said in a very, very low voice, when she looked at this smiling man at this moment, it was like suddenly seeing a big mountain , like forcing it on yourself, is this something a human can do? ! Three years ago, there was a computing capacity of 10,000, so the computing capacity after three years is simply an unknown. In other words, except for Vuong Han himself, no one can know his computing capacity. How old am I, what level is it at? "But what kind of terrifying state is this? The most powerful person in the district alliance, then the problem appears again at this time, "Wang Han... you are already such a powerful person, so why want to create such a force?" child? After all, if you want, I don't know how many people will be willing to breed with you.

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    First, that is the origin of the projection field, which are those losers. When I didn't know about these losers, I would never have realized that such a special existence existed in this world. I think everyone is a failure. I am happy, everyone is full of infinite positive energy, negative energy will be directly crushed to death, and will be criticized by thousands of people. But after seeing those who failed in the theater with my own eyes, I immediately felt It was a kind of horror that came from the heart! To be honest! If I don't tell you that they are losers, the first moment you see a smile on their face, you will definitely feel how they are. life. How gorgeous and colorful it is! But if you really stare at these people for a long time, you can see that their smiles are full of falsehood and helplessness, and these falsehoods and helplessness and pain are more than those others, to the point that even if they laugh, they don't want to laugh at all."

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    If the enemy is just very lazy, then we won't have to spend much effort. The main competitor is to keep warm. They clearly have no intention of hanging around our village alone. Some of the things they grow can be clearly seen. These look silvery gray, and I'm not sure what they are. If they work, they must be food. who left the village first. That rat is clearly different from their current state, and all the rats here don't seem to be too hostile, if it weren't for the natural bias carried by them, I even even feel the warmth of these mice."

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    The hole had been dug, the rat-headed man Vuong Han quietly dragged his body into the hole, thought for a moment, then picked a bouquet of withered gray flowers from the side, putting those flowers in the old one. closed his. the chest with both eyes, was silent for a while then began to cover the ground, "The same thing but in the eyes of people in the three worlds they all look different. Here, everyone is understood to be a relatively reasonable existence, Say In other words, basically, I can distinguish between right and wrong. There are definitely many people like that, the number is also very large, so first of all, if my strength is at the lowest level, then I don't need to worry. No matter what, I was killed, because there was no meaning, the other person killed me, and then I would directly co-exist with me. So what's the point of killing? This has become a stupid behavior. ."

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    Tieu Truong Dang pursed his lips, his eyes filled with tears, but still firmly nodded: "Okay! Agreement! Pull the hook!"

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    In fact, dealing with a "smart person" like Lan Ning Situ is very simple, directly persecuting him doesn't make any sense. If Vuong Han keeps forcing him, then anyway he will get worse and worse. the more certain I am that I really didn't do it. Anyway that's him lying to himself. Simply tell the other person, just wait until you know the truth, you will break through your own defense line, and within one day you will definitely call him directly. At that time, Vuong Han thinks that he can pass. Some detailed situations, including Situ Lanning's emotions, are used to judge the origin of all this in more depth, rather than just determining how it all happened through through his memory in a few words.

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    After deciding, Vuong Han stayed in the room to rest all day, trained hard for a year without resting, and finally rested in the corner for a day. Now that he opened his eyes, his mental strength was finally gone. recovered, and all the light spheres in thought returned to their previous stable state, and even he returned to the color of blood that a normal man would have.

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    Vuong Han did as he said, after returning the illusionary beast, he directly condensed a life stone. To observe more clearly, he condensed a life stone the size of a fist, in time. Life Stone is the simplest Life Stone. There is no thinking light ball and no soul origin. Then Vuong Han directly crushed this Life Stone, a clear and sharp piece appeared. The glass shattered, the sound in Wang Han's hand bloomed, Wang Han looked over at the fragments of the Life Stone that had turned to dust in his hand and smiled helplessly. Well, this Life Stone is like my basic judgment, it is the most basic Life Stone in my understanding. Anyway, the Life Stone is a special mineral. Can this mineral be refined into a virtual pill? After that, the human race, the county, all kinds of mountain creatures, I'm afraid they will all be swallowed up by Hu Luan."

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    No matter how you look at it, this is a job of finding rules, but after the difficulty of the problem reaches a higher level, finding rules is a problem that requires a lot of computing power, Wang Han didn't know that his computer's power was based on the center's judgment, probably to a certain extent, but with the support of his current computing power, it was still difficult to find see a clear pattern in this type of sample. At some point, Vuong Han opened his eyes, his eyes were bloodshot, he simply took a bite of the food in front of him after calming down a bit, "The difficulty is, he is not a simple change of color. There is no connection between the block and the color block. It is like a ripple on water. It is impossible to see any logic simply by observing a small point of the ripple. Rules, but it is too difficult.

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    "Understood." Vuong Han said calmly. When Dai Nhi's old face instantly turned black, he continued: "Now I'm going to find Lanning Xiaoxi's father. You go back to Chien Chinh University alone, don't go." messed up again."

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    In the end, Vuong Han still had to continue walking, it took another five days, when the last corn stalk in front of him was pushed aside, Vuong Han almost burst into tears, how heartbreaking it was to walk into the field like that. corn, and Wang Han also admired the breeding existences in the corn fields at this time, isn't this really annoying? So deadly! Or is it just a matter of pursuing a stimulus?

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    Not easy! It's really not easy!! Cultivation has three realms! The first stage is ordinary basic cultivation, following the path given by others! The second stage is the state of small development, which is the path I am on now. In this state of small development, I was able to deduce the nature of things from some phenomena! The third level is the state of great development, the state of the Creator and directly produces the separate existence of phenomena. Clenching his hands, a smile appeared on his face.

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    In this case, the so-called fairness of the result is a false proposition, I want the thief to die, and he wants the thief to have his hand cut off. As a puppy, he wanted to eat the thief's basket. Everyone's experience is different, and the end result of evaluating things is different, so in situations where individuals are different there were different standards, procedural justice was born. The center is doing this, so from Wang Han's point of view, in the eyes of the state-county alliance, the center is not just a transformation of computing power like the center, but also something that makes people feel extremely happy.

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    This is not difficult, I can definitely change it for you now, but you must understand clearly, there is definitely something wrong. Her memories are empty right now, so when it officially starts working I'm completely sure, but here it's different... First of all, you already have a lot of memories, you already have the ball of light. Bright thinking thousands of miles away. Behind your core thinking light sphere, then I will directly give you a knife on your thinking light sphere, I cannot directly guarantee that under the premise of preserving the sphere your thinking light, it can also make the core thinking light sphere change successfully. The other thing is what I said before, and you have to think about it, which is whether you have problems with your own perception, and you're still the same as a second ago. Hey, in the next second, it will become an individual of a human state.”

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    At this time, Vuong Han still did not have a stronghold. Later, when he had a stronghold, he could happily scavenge. Now the strength of a half-meter-long owl was not his strong point. Explosive speed is key. Too many things are stupid. So when Vuong Han next buried these things, he also conveniently buried some of his own arrows, that is, buried 10 arrows out of 15, leaving 5 good quality arrows, that was enough. The 5 arrows do not solve the others, and the others are meaningless.

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    This is really scary, after he shot, he didn't know who belonged to whom, his head was blank and his soul had stopped, this situation was like a sudden increase in playing play, due to high latency, the screen freezes instantly, ten minutes later, all of this appears in the blink of an eye at that scary fast forward speed, which means a certain sense of travel has been completed. Traveling through time and space, Vuong Han doesn't have any feelings about these things. Ten minutes, time has passed for him! Now that he finally woke up, Vuong Han immediately looked at the situation on his body. It turned out that there was nothing wrong. There were no injuries on his body. It was just that the entire area where he was was covered with ten meters of floating land. standing was blown away, now except for two small lumps of dirt floating under the soles of his feet, everything else was as clean as a dog licking it.

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    Just like that, he pulled out a whole block of brick and stone from the wall. This process was not easy. The whole brick still looked a bit rough, and after this brick was taken out, the entire surrounding space was filled with smoke. blindly disappeared in the blink of an eye, sucked in, it was like a chimney dedicated to a building, "Sure!"

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    "So that's it... it turns out you don't know anything about this world at all, that's why you dared to come directly to me..." Vuong Han was helpless, this kid... This old man. The girl's courage and intelligence are beyond doubt. It's too broad.