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    Feng Shuyi remembers her life at the beginning, it was the time between humans and beasts, this time period is now recalled as quickly as a slideshow, just a few decades of time placed in one line The river is so long. The memory seems to be just a careless glance, but it is such a careless scene, this throbbing feeling of love can still be nurtured very clearly in the depths of one's soul, and after Imagine those colleges, then imagine those hunting parties, then imagine imagine the bustling food streets in the cities of the past... Truly, that world is not perfect. It's not perfect, the world is full of intrigue and competition. The material things that an individual can enjoy are very weak at first, and then there will often be many changes, but now that I think about it, such a life is more realistic, and it can make people feel see clearly that they are alive, and they will cherish the things with them. It's over, not like now... After thousands of years, many things still have some feeling now, but haven't had any feeling in a long time.

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    The deeper he studied, the more Li Shizong felt he was being deceived. He was obsessed with developing the ability to deduce the current situation, so he even appeared to be busy with this kind of thing. The feeling of ecstasy is internal. The special feeling of knowing that he was about to die and would definitely die made him feel like an emperor in his subconscious, but now he suddenly discovered that this feeling of his was actually deceived by others. that it was all arranged by his superiors, in an instant he fell into a state of extreme shock. Now looking at these two words full of irony, he suddenly laughed out loud.

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    Seeing that Vuong Han's food was so delicious, he couldn't bear to look at Vuong Han's nuoqianjin for a long time, so he immediately sat down, carried the oil plate alone, and then walked over from the side of the plate. Ice and beef were continuously poured into the hot pot. When the atmosphere fell into an extremely awkward state, the beef was cooked, this was beef that had been marinated before, spicy spicy spicy spicy, so fun! Nuo Qianjin's eyes lit up uncontrollably, "Oh! It's delicious!"

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    He can do so many things on his own without any basis, you must know that Feng Tian started out very well, and he directly received the genius of time and space after he He was born, and could slowly fuse with Roja's soul as time passed, so even if Feng Tian did nothing here, he could still gradually control such a talent under his urging. push of time. Compared to Feng Tian, Wang Han seemed to be groping step by step, his speed of exploration in the dark could not be compared to the speed of progress of others, Feng Tian clearly knew some of his uses. badge, he would be able to control the space-time talent for 300,000 years. If not in the same environment, during a pitiful and useless incident, he would probably need much more time to be able to gradually understand all this. So Feng Shuyi sometimes thought in more detail, Feng Tian's father, Wang Han... overall he was a terrifying existence.

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    The question he asked here was not a direct, arbitrary question. He noticed that the last time he investigated the formation of Roja, he already knew that the formation of Roja currently has a population of 3 trillion, and there are 3,300 planets. So after a while he calculated, the normal population of a planet should be about one billion. If you simply look at this number, it doesn't seem like a big problem, but Vuong Han remembered Clearly, the number of exiled Rojas is about 1.3 billion. 1.3 billion and a billion or so can essentially be coupled directly. In other words, it is possible that not all the Roas were attacked, but only one planet of the Roa system was attacked, so the Roas of such a planet Started to escape, So in complete In a closed environment, it is almost impossible for other Roja to know some situations on this planet. Like now, if Wang Han directly releases a soul trap, directly destroying a planet of this biome, then if the distance between the planets of this biome is very long, and he killed everything that came to this biome Those who visited this planet, this planet can achieve the kind of situation that will be unknown to other groups of the same group after being killed! ! Of course, this kind of situation was just casually mentioned by Vuong Han. He would not think that the situation was really like that. Otherwise, this matter would not be as simple as directly exterminating foreign races, perhaps it is true. hidden in there. It's much dirtier than he imagined, so those Roja bosses may not be able to escape responsibility directly from this matter!

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    The space-time coordinates are relative to Vuong Han himself, everything is calculated with him as the center, so that normal people can estimate the angle and distance of the person in front of them, but for the present, In terms of Vuong Han's Soul Power, he knows exactly where his soul is, where his soul can fly, the accuracy is amazingly high, the effect is also very scary, so at any time He just needed to change the beating frequency, and even at a later stage, Vuong Han felt he could condense a badge, so that this method could be written in the badge, and the badge would automatically error correction function, so he can destroy it at will. Killing... Well, killing is a bit cruel, but if it lasts it seems even sadder and more humbling. Now, he is in no hurry to directly condense this type of law into a badge. He doesn't know if the small spots of light that make up the badge are removed by the breath or are originally these small spots of light. point of soul power?Not well researched.

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    Forget it, I originally wanted to go back temporarily to teach this talent, but now it's useless to go back, no one can learn this talent. Vuong Han could only sigh, "Then I'll continue." work alone. Go ahead and look for solutions to problems while walking. Regarding searching along the way, if I can know some unique talents, then maybe I can learn more, even if I don't have the ability to improve the soul trap now. Yes, it can be used in the future.”

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    "100,000 breath points? Is it that expensive?" Vuong Han also frowned, "You just said that the main material for Devouring World is the soul meteorite, so Devouring World's height is probably under a hundred kilometers", how much do you need? Soul Meteor? Then the Eater of Worlds has to pay an unimaginably high price, there's no way for even an entire biome to buy the Eater of Worlds, right?"

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    Wang Han couldn't help but stretch out his hand, and he was about to give Keles a thumbs up.

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    Is there a problem with my inference?... It's not like that. I made a very accurate inference about Hagilianth for the first time. At that time, we, Vuong Han, tried a lot, but we still had points. There is no way out, let Hagirian come back to life, and finally die under the heavenly seal, changing the aura of the heavenly seal for a thousand years, so in theory, the next change of the heavenly seal will be a thousand years later. , Just this time around. So, judging by the current situation, there was no problem with my deduction, and things started to go as expected... Today, the lines in the sky began to undergo change that cannot be reversed. ” Thoughts When Li Shizong observed the situation in the sky, in everyone's eyes of surprise and amazement, the original sky marks had begun to show a tendency to be torn apart, especially when he could clearly find these lines. The Heavenly Seal was about to break through. It didn't make a sound, but it emitted that extremely terrifying force from the inside out!

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    The heads of the meteor worms are arranged in a matrix, and there is that waiting and anticipation in these wonderful and pure eyeballs!

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    Okay, then I'll get to know you for a while. I wouldn't think of attacking you. After I restore some memories, I will return to the group I am in. At that time, I will explain the kindness of your Holy Capital clan to a high-ranking existence in my group, but I don't know if I can help you.” Wang Han can now not change his expression when he opens his eyes and speaks. Saying something like the existence of the so-called golden race, moreover, after knowing whether this race has any fighting ability. Compared to me, the whole person's mood is a little calmer, not much. And if it is said that this race is directly destroyed and some kind of revenge is coming, then there is a high possibility that they will perish along with this divine capital, and the dimensional world will not be restored. "Yes!" Morrison answered without thinking. It's not a problem for Vuong Han to stay in their community for a while. On the one hand, he can show off their community's beauty and give Vuong Han a good image. On the other hand, this Vuong Han has long revealed that he is a member of the Golden Clan, so they will never rush to attack the Golden Clan, because they know clearly how terrifying the Golden Clan is. Otherwise, Vuong Han may not be a member of the Kim family, but once a member of the Kim family, he may be an extremely high-level Devourer, and then these Heaven Devourers will all be encrypted and marked. Once they are destroyed, then in the formation where the Golden Clan is, the terrifying extremely high energy life gate will lock the time and space coordinates of the world devourer for the first time, and follow without say a word, and directly launch an all-out war, either you die or I die. How do you say that... Is it up to the owner to beat a dog? The higher the formation, the more ferocious the spirit world pursues, especially those who have fought hard for so many years, but others still do not respect them, when they know clearly that Purple Fire is the property of the royal tribe. needle. Impulsive assault is a felony. Therefore, on the one hand, Morrison directly agreed to let Vuong Han go around their group, on the other hand, he also wanted to find a beautiful girl to take Vuong Han around. But Vuong Han directly refused Morrison's kindness. It's just a joke. This Morrison looks so indescribable. He also doesn't know what this beautiful girl will look like in his eyes. If she really doesn't come, Vuong Han won't either. know what to do. talking about an existence that seems to make people a little psychologically haunted, is it possible to say in front of other girls that you don't look like the same race as me... Phew, then this sentence it's just so heartbreaking, and now the whole point is to keep a low profile. Moreover, traveling by yourself is more convenient, you can go wherever you want. Of course, before leaving, Morrison kindly asked Vuong Han if he needed to borrow the maintenance station. The maintenance station is the World Devourer stop station. It can remove the breath from World Devourer and the World Devourer. breath crystal transfer, at the same time, it can also be repaired as a World Devourer damaged in battle, it belongs to a relatively high-end wireless charging board... Wang Han refused with a smile Laugh, it would be great if he could actually charge money. Look, even though he has the Golden Clan's Dead Fire, he hasn't had any test codes planted in him by the Golden Clan. Furthermore, he doesn't have access to these stations, so these stations don't exist. ' Don't care at all about his existence, so forget it, don't stay in it, this matter has been exposed, don't do too many things, it will be easier to expose yourself. Morrison won't say anything here. After taking Vuong Han out of the platform where the Devourer of Worlds landed, he immediately went to find the others. Of course, the things that need to be discussed are all about Vuong. Han, especially Vuong Han. What exactly Han is like, and Vuong Han's basic attitude, need a very short time to understand clearly, otherwise, if this kind of thing drags on for a while, others will leave, and there will still be no you. Calculating it, it is very possible that due to your own negligence, you will make a big mistake. Vuong Han left the Devouring Stage, and when he stood at the entrance to the Devouring Stage, he discovered that he was in this area, which was truly an uneven level. There is a giant cylindrical tower in front of you. The height of this tower just jumps from the end of the line of sight below your feet, and disappears at the end of the world above your head. It was a giant cylinder with a smooth surface like a curved mirror. And there was a passage between this tower and the giant floating platform where he was located, like veins connecting the stem and leaves. On the contrary, there are many planets arranged in a circle around the cylindrical tower according to this logic, rotating silently around this cylindrical tower. Perhaps, the stick-shaped object falling vertically from the sky in the middle must be the energy core of these formations, or the place where the breath is stored?" Vuong Han thought to himself, but was walking towards the pile. This tube, from a distance it doesn't look very big, but when you step in, this tube is the size of a fucking giant city, and it would be a planet dedicated to the Devourer of Worlds . like a road, on the one hand it rotates around the central axis, on the other hand it fixes the planet to prevent it from derailing, so this giant pipe can be described as a scary landscape. , including including the Four Huge Rays on the surface are even more terrifying...

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    Is this the holy capital in Eater of Worlds' memories? Vuong Han calmly looked back, the door was closed, his strength had reached and even surpassed the level of Eater of Worlds. He only has one door, still has unparalleled power, through this door there is no way to go back, at least right now he is not qualified to go back. Turning his head to look forward, he also saw this square, where countless Devotees were kneeling, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, "There should be nothing wrong here, there are so many things happening here." There are many Devouring Worlds, but why? Are there so many powerful people kneeling here at this moment? How terrifying is this sky, can it support so many Devouring Worlds?"

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    The method is very complicated, to avoid being destroyed, in fact a lot of inter-group wars will take place like this, all individuals with the blood of this group must be destroyed, to avoid being revenge, especially when facing each other. When your strength is still very strong, being able to win against this group now does not mean that your talent is absolutely strong, it is only due to the control just now, if you give the opponent time and the situation. What it could end up being would be terrible, and the things one person could do could have those unbearably vengeful consequences.

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    Speaking of this, Nuo Qianjin had already walked to the kitchen door. The kitchen was clearly a human kitchen, with all the things that should be there, and moreover, people didn't use the kitchen often, so the kitchen looked like like the kitchen Like new, when Nuo Qianjin entered the kitchen and began to look carefully, Wang Xiaowan behind her couldn't help but walk towards her, then, she held Nuo Qianjin's arm, quietly walked back kitchen side. Before, he thought that if there was really something dangerous, then he would just need to push Nuo Qianjin away, then quickly leave to find Feng Shuyi and the others, then the problem would not be a problem. big topic. But after the couple's adventure in the kitchen, it was obvious that it was a false alarm. There was nothing in the kitchen. Everything looked clean, very consistent with their expectations of a kitchen.

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    After Vuong Han entered the planet, he discovered that there was a person in front of him, specifically this person was very small, about ten centimeters tall, had small arms and legs, and looked like a child's face. If an uninformed person saw such a figure, they would definitely think that the person in front of them was a boy, but the fierce look on this boy's face was actually not as simple as it appeared, according to the current situation. related, the boy in front of him had at least lived for thousands of years.

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    Yes, let's get going. Wang Han nodded, then with Keles' seemingly simple operation, he could clearly see the spaceship's breath reserve starting to decrease, and at the same time, the weight of the entire spaceship skyrocketed to a certain level. . In the blink of an eye, the maximum value directly shattered the space of this piece of star sea. When the spaceship suddenly entered the space below the star sea, Vuong Han had not yet had time to clearly see what this part looked like. muffled the sound. Floating from the void, even the crack below was directly healed, then looked at the sea of stars in front of Keles, the location was actually here?

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    Vuong Han predicts that the Lord of Devouring World will have the first step, which is to completely destroy everything in this world, or directly destroy it with the power of wind and clouds, but in the future if there is any He really didn't expect that step. After all, there weren't many monster corpses to swallow. The black fire was formed. Even the level of black fire that could withstand it was just a little bit. There was no way to do it. . Integrate completely into any of this monster's plans. At this time, the second step has reached Vuong Han's full body! The spiritual energy began to grow negatively. Vuong Han could clearly feel that the spiritual energy around him that he could control became less and less, then within just a minute or two, the two slices of meat were still not fully cooked. potatoes. At that time, the breath of this world was no more! ! Completely clean, Vuong Han's eyes were confused, while eating melon he tried to use his spiritual mind to control the surrounding spiritual energy, but was horrified to discover that there was no longer any spiritual energy around, all the spiritual energy was completely gone. disappear. When he reached the middle world, he devoured his body and was directly swallowed by it. In his mouth, it slowly condensed into a small crystal ball, and then swallowed it into his stomach in one gulp!

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    Pfft! The master cannot fall! He is an invincible existence! Manh Manh almost vomited blood, this Nuo Qianjin is really rude, of course she can feel a little disappointed in Nuo Qianjin's heart, at least why isn't Vuong Han like that?" No turning back , there is only one brain of flesh and blood, what is the use of this beast returning? This feeling is quite unpleasant for Manh Manh, but the other person is Nuo Qianjin, she still replied: "Master originally wanted to return. back, but the dimensional situation is too urgent, it seems he can't escape at all, so either meet in five years, or in another five years, we'll end it together."

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    After answering her question, this time it was Vuong Han's turn to be confused. Isn't the Roja squad a very strong squad?

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    Now Shen Yueke generally knows what kind of person Wang Han is.

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    "So the question is, Mr. Vuong Han, do you have talent now?" Keles looked curiously at the middle-aged black-haired man in front of him.